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Rabbit charities play a vital role in helping to improve rabbit welfare in Australia and Tasmania. The volunteers work tirelessly and are very passionate about what they do!

We will always have a strong charity presence at our events, and this year is to be no exception! We are proud to welcome back old friends and introduce new exhibitors to Rabbit Expo 2019.

Australian Animal Protection Society
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Our latest charity to confirm their attendance at Rabbit Expo 2019 is Australian Animal Protection Society. 

This registered not-for-profit charity cares for and nurtures venerable animals and aims to return as many as possible to their owners or to find them new fur-ever homes. Although most animals in their care are dogs, cats and rabbits, we accept ALL animals in need - including native animals, farm animals, birds, ferrets, and other domesticated animals.
They work very closely with ALL animal welfare organisations in their endeavour to provide protection, assistance, and welfare for all animals.

Big Ears Animal Sanctuary

Big Ears Sanctuary is, as the name implies, a Sanctuary. They do not aim to rehome every animal, they are not interested in rehoming rates. The staff at Big Ears see the sanctuary as a home, and will only rehome an animal elsewhere if they find the perfect situation.

 Many of the Big Ears animals are there because they were unable to go anywhere else, especially the larger farm animals.

They are now home to 7 bovines, 30 cats, over 80 hens, over 100 roosters, 40 ducks, 40 geese, 260 rabbits, 12 birds, 14 goats, 9 ponies, 5 donkeys, 4 dogs, 100 turkeys, 13 pigs, 13 sheep and 1 emu.

Rabbit Runaway Orphanage

Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage is Victoria’s first dedicated no-kill Pet Rabbit Rescue and the only Chapter of the esteemed House Rabbit Society in Australia.  Whilst the charity desexes, vaccinates and rehomes healthy rabbits, they also have an extensive foster program to take in rabbits with existing health issues and places them into loving homes.  These animals come in from individuals, vet clinics, council pounds as well as mainstream rescues such as Lort Smith and RSPCA.  The foster program offers these animals a lifeline as an alternative to euthanasia.  Together with dedicated vets, they support the bunnies through their treatments, extending lives and animal welfare, whilst contributing to the knowledge base regarding rabbit health.