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The Rabbit Expo 2019 - 'In Sickness and in (Geriatric) Health'

Date: 2nd November 8.30-5:00pm

Venue: Bayview Eden Melbourne Hotel, 6 Queens Road, Melbourne, VIC

(Course will be accredited for 6 VetEd points)



Dr Gerry Skinner

Dr Brendan Carmel
Dr Lizzie Selby
Dr Nicole Su

Dr Ruby Ivanov

Dr Sam Schultz
Dee Morris



Join us at Bayview Eden Hotel, Melbourne for a day of everything rabbit related. With three lecture streams plus a large designated trade and exhibition space, this promises to be a really exciting follow-up to Rabbit Expo 2017!


The trade fair will give delegates the opportunity to browse new products and ideas, chat to company representatives, and perhaps do a little Christmas shopping!. There will be some charities attending the trade fair as well, so make sure you visit their stalls and give them your support!


More and more people are discovering the joy of owning a rabbit. Many rabbits are now kept as house rabbits and owners enjoy a long and happy relationship with their bunnies. This course will give you a wealth of useful information, to help improve your confidence in diagnosing and treating a range of clinical conditions, and understand how they specifically affect older rabbits.


Veterinary stream outline:

1. Health problems in the aging rabbit (Dr Brendan Carmel) - our geriatric bunnies bring with them a unique set of potential problems to deal with. This lecture will provide you with lots of useful tips on how to identify and manage age related problems. 

2. Renal disease in the aging rabbit (Dr Gerry Skinner) - Renal disease is underdiagnosed and misunderstood. Update your knowledge and improve your confidence in both diagnosis and treatment of this challenging condition.

3. Gastrointestinal problems in the aging rabbit (Dr Gerry Skinner) - Learn tips and tricks on how to manage GI disease in our golden oldies.

4. Approaches to dental disease in the geriatric rabbit (Dr Nicole Su)  - Dental disease is a common problem in all ages of rabbit, but dealing with dental issues in geriatric rabbits can be particularly tricky. Update your knowledge and skills in this common area of rabbit medicine.

5. Calicivirus - what's new? (Dr Lizzie Selby) - Gain an insight into the most recent information and research into this potentially devastating disease.


Course price includes a full set of course notes, attendance certificate, showbag, all catering, and unlimited access to the Rabbit Expo Trade Fair.

Rabbit Expo 2019 - Veterinary Stream and Trade Fair