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The Rabbit Expo 2019 - 'In Sickness and in (Geriatric) Health'

Date: 2nd November 8.30-5:00pm

Venue: Bayview Eden Hotel, 6 Queens Road, Melbourne, VIC



Dr Gerry Skinner

Dr Brendan Carmel
Dr Lizzie Selby
Dr Nicole Su

Dr Ruby Ivanov

Dr Sam Schultz
Dee Morris RVN

Alanna Botten RVN



Join us at Bayview Eden Hotel, Melbourne for a day of everything rabbit related. With three lecture streams plus a large designated trade and exhibition space, this promises to be a really exciting follow-up to Rabbit Expo 2017!


The trade fair will give delegates the opportunity to browse new products and ideas, chat to company representatives, and perhaps do a little Christmas shopping!. There will be some charities attending the trade fair as well, so make sure you visit their stalls and give them your support!


Rabbits are becoming more and more popular as pets, and therefore you are more likely to see them on a day to day basis in your clinic. Owners often have a great deal of knowledge about the health and husbandry of their beloved pet, and expect a high level of service and expertise from their veterinary clinic.This course aims to improve your knowledge and skills in dealing with elderly and unwell rabbits, so that you can confidently give advice and discuss problems with owners, and feel happy when faced with a range of medical and surgical conditions within the clinic.


Veterinary Nurse stream outline:

1. Practical care of the aging rabbit - physiology, dietary, psychological and environmental needs.

2. Workshop - nursing skills for the hospitalised rabbit - hospitalised rabbits can require intensive nursing and lots of time. An interactive and practical session to help improve your confidence and skills when dealing with hospitalised patients.

3. Anaesthetising the elderly or unwell rabbit - preparation for anaesthesia, anaesthetic monitoring and recovery. There will be trouble shooting tips and lots of advice to make your anaesthetics as safe and smooth as possible

4. Panel Discussion  - ask the experts! - a chance to ask our panel of experienced vets and nurses about a range of conditions. We will be welcoming questions and cases before the event, and on the day.

5. Pain relief options for elderly or unwell rabbits - geriatric and unwell rabbits can be tricky candidates when considering pain relief, and as a prey species they are good at hiding signs of pain. Learn how to recognise pain, and a range of appropriate treatment options to use in different circumstances.


Course price includes a full set of course notes, attendance certificate, showbag, all catering, and unlimited access to the Rabbit Expo Trade Fair.

Rabbit Expo 2019 - Veterinary Nurse Stream and Trade Fair